Osteoporosis: In simple words, Osteoporosis is thinning of the bones.

It is a reduction in the bone mass per volume unit, this reduction is sufficient to interfere with the mechanical support functions of the bone.

Osteoporosis at a later – more severe stage leads to easy fracture of the bone/s.

It can be caused due to multiple factors, but bone loss is a universal concomitant of advancing age but proceeds faster in women especially following menopause.

Also, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of Osteoporosis.

Daily intake of a glass of milk (except by those who cannot tolerate milk), exposure to the sunlight or weekly/daily dose of Vitamin D 3 as per the doctor’s advice and if required oral calcium supplement is ideal way to treat Osteoporosis.

Also, daily exercise, physical or sports activity are all good to improve the health of the bones but must be under medical guidance and supervision.

Osteoporosis Concept