A Few Words About “The Patent”

On the occasion of World Patent Day, I am happy to share my thoughts on the Patent, especially with respect to the medicines.

Awareness in our society about the Patents is very superficial. Because, most people feel that it’s not necessary for them anyway.

The patent just does not mean ” Monopoly Rights ” only, nor it is granted only for the ‘ unique ness’ or novelty of the thing but it is granted after very minute scrutiny of the Patent Application & only when the Patent Office is convinced that the thing for which the Patent is asked for is really unique not done before by anyone else & most importantly that it is hugely advantageous & is beneficial to large population.

The Govt. of India & every country has their respective ” Intellectual Property Rights ( Patents’ ) Office/s.

This particular office in our country is headed by a senior I.A.S. officer, supported by an exclusively trained, experienced, technically qualified dedicated team of Officers & the support staff who also have the legal bend of mind.

Usually, a person or a business organization, or the research Institute applies for the Patent.

Utmost confidentiality & professionalism is maintained by the said office and the officers exhibiting a high degree of integrity.

Whenever the Patent is granted to any medicine, its thorough examination, right from the source & purity of the raw materials to their safety as well as efficacy in treating the human disease is genuinely verified & when both the medicinal safety and efficacy are satisfactory & found safe for the human use, then only the Patent is granted to a drug or a formulation.