Let’s Celebrate…. Responsibly!!!

As India celebrates its 75th Glorious Independence Year, it is the time for every individual to act responsibly towards self, family- friends and society and most importantly towards Mother Nature.

Appropriate and bear minimum needs might help to let go off the unnecessary burden we carry on our shoulders and run in the rat race on a daily basis and attract a lot of negativity, stress and disturbed social and professional life in the long run affecting  our body in mental, emotional and sometimes  even at physical level.

Let every person find his/her own freedom and live a healthy, peaceful and  wonderful life which he / she is fortunate to survive on this Planet Earth and which is Gifted by the Almighty.

Good Health is the Best Wealth!!!

We are fortunate enough to breathe in this Independent Country and that is the Best Gift we should be forever thankful to all those known – unknown, famous – lost in limelight Great Leaders, Fighters, Soldiers, Warriors and Sons of Soil who sacrificed their entire life for our Motherland.

Passing this Freedom to next generations in all possible ways is a very major activity every person should follow as a token of Gratitude towards the Great and Brave Warriors who led everything for our better and Good Days today and for our future.

So..As it is always rightly known to us Freedom has not come to us Free… the cost paid for it is beyond words and measures for years together.

Let’s Behave and Belief for Self Betterment!

Wishing All a better Healthy and Peaceful Life Forever!!