Arthritis according to Ayurved is caused due to “Vaat dosha” and the accumulation of “Aam” in the body aggravates the vaat dosha.

Our Daily food intake habits have a major role on our digestive system.

Many diseases are caused due to improper food eating habits, irregular meal timings, long gaps between breakfast, lunch, and dinners for years together, wrong combination of food items consumed together, junk foods, unhealthy and unhygienic methods of food preparations, use of preservatives at large etc.

A healthy body needs proper food intake at regular intervals and a complete combination of foods which our rich in proteins, carbohydrates, optimum level of fats mandatory for human body, vitamins, and juicy acids.

Thankfully, our rich Indian food culture is full of all tastes and flavors helping us to maintain our overall health balanced and fit.

In times of running around for daily bread and butter, we somehow come across with unfriendly food combinations and harm our health in many ways in long run.

Arthritis is one of the results of such stress in life and food habits also play a major role in managing it both in good or bad manner.


Ideally, an arthritis patient should consume more often freshly prepared butter milk, green leafy vegetables like spinach, fruits like muskmelon, avocado, cherries, flax-seeds, broccoli, walnuts, ginger etc.


Food items which aggravate Vaat dosha mainly contain saturated fats , oily vegetables, strong spices, pickles, bakery items, desserts high in sugar sweeteners, fermented food items like Idlis, Dosa- Uttapam, wheat white flour, soar fruits like lemons, oranges , lime in any form of juices etc.

These food items must be avoided or used in bear minimum quantity in our daily meals for relief from arthritis and enjoy a healthy life.

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