Bone fractures are one of the most commonest causes leading to severe pain immobility, operation – fixation of fractured bones & or putting on a “Plaster” i.e cast bandage causing immobilization, inactivation of the particular part leading to moderate to severe limitations of the physical activity of the patient causing severe constraints on personal & social movements.

Fractures are caused by an accidental impact on the bone leading to discontinuation of the bone tissue causing severe pain and immobility.

Although Doctors have classified fractures in many types, they are broadly divided into minor or major fractures and fractures of the upper or lower body.

It takes a minimum of Six to Twelve Weeks for the bone fractures to unite and heal after due care and treatment by the Orthopedician.

In some cases, naturally, fractures take more healing time these are known as Delayed Union Fractures.

In very rare cases, bone fractures do not unite in spite of very good treatment and care known as Non Union Fractures.

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